Sol Master Chess club is a P2E NFT Chess Game Collection on the Solana Blockchain, holders and registered members will be able to play one of the oldest game in the world online. Players can earn by playing against the Environment, challenge other players, and also compete in organised Tournaments (both online and Offline).

We aim to build an ecosystem that appeals to traditional and new generation gamers, as well as investors interested in exploring innovative game revenue models. Who says we are just about the Chess Game? We definitely vibe, our community of Masters will bring their Mastery skills to the Solana Ecosystem.

This will be achieved by establishing a DAO, that will execute our common goal of investing in coveted NFT projects that will attract Huge ROI, invest in NFT start ups with unique potentials, form strategic partnerships that will benefit our NFT holders. In addition holders will have access to exclusive Alpha Channels and an All in One Solana Tools Suite.


Stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4


Founder: Tblack
Artist: Phil
Head Marketing/PR: Shadyblack
Community Manager: Sparks
Developer: Peely


What is SMCC?

Sol Master Chess Club aspires to be a community that owns one of the dopest online Chess Club in the WorldDuring our journey to achieve this goals ( Roadmap), we will be one of the most coveted DAO in the Solana Ecosystem, with one of most effective Alpha Channels, and several strategic partnership with other Bluechips in the Ecosystem.

Benefits to Holders?

Holders will have access to all in one Solana tools, earn dividend from the revenue generated from the online chess club platform, share from ROI from several investment by the DAO, earn passive income by staking their NFTs , numerous whitelist opportunities & Airdrops, learn to be a Master NFT and Crypto investor etc.

Where will be the secondary market place?

We plan to list immediately after Sold out mint at Magic Eden, Opensea, Coral Cube.

Mint Price?

0-1.5 Sol

Is the team Doxxed?

The team plan to get fully doxxed closer to the Mint and will want the community to choose the Doxx service provider we should use.

Which Launchpad is Mint?

We intend to Mint on Magic Eden or Bifrost by Blocksmith labs.

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